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MunchEase makes it simple

Whether you're on a 16:8 hour, 5:2 day, or One Meal A Day fasting schedule, time-restricted eating can now be effortless thanks to MunchEase, the first supplement that lets you breeze through your fasting periods without feeling deprived

Stay focused on weight loss goals while feeling satisfied all day, and tap into the many benefits of fasting without the uncomfortable and demotivating side effects hunger can cause.

how does it help?

Most people are Leptin Resistant and don't even realize! That means that Leptin, the hormone in charge of telling your brain that you're full at the end of a meal, isn't working properly. Leptin is produced in fat cells, so excess body fat leads to an overabundance of Leptin. This flood of Leptin overwhelms the brain, leading to constant hunger and habitual overeating, which results in more fat cells (continuing the vicious cycle). Leptin Resistance can also be worsened by stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, or cannabis / alcohol use.

Leptin Resistance is especially inconvenient for intermittent fasters who spend large portions of their waking hours not eating. Physical hunger symptoms during fasting periods like nausea and cravings for high-calorie foods can make fasting schedules difficult to stick with long-term and undo hard-fought progress.

MunchEase fixes Leptin Resistance by reducing fat cell creation: with fewer Leptin-producing cells, there is less of it circulating, which lowers your appetite to a new, better normal for your unique metabolism. That way you feel hungry only when your body needs fuel, without the pain, setbacks, and crankiness that unnecessary hunger can cause.*


It's more than just Leptin Resistance; MunchEase has also been shown to increase levels of Cholecystokinin (CCK), a peptide in the gut that stimulates satiety. CCK production is usually increased with diets high in fat and protein, which creates a slowing effect on digestion that causes you to feel full for longer after eating. Imagine being able to use the benefits of CCK to optimize your fast with fewer hunger pains, cravings, and feelings of irritability. Now click here and stop imagining.


If Leptin is the fullness hormone, Ghrelin is its opposite. Ghrelin makes you feel hungry and inhibits the nerve pathway Leptin uses to tell the brain “stop eating,” making Leptin even less effective at regulating appetite. CCK reverses that effect and helps Leptin deliver its message quickly and effectively.


Insulin and Leptin are like friendly co-workers, so it should be no surprise that Insulin Resistance and Leptin Resistance work similarly. Insulin's job is to decrease your blood sugar by converting excess Glucose into fat for energy storage, through a process called Lipogenesis. That means a surge in Insulin results in extra fat cell production, which can worsen Leptin Resistance.

Studies showed that MunchEase decreased the amount of circulating Insulin while circulating Glucose remained constant, meaning blood sugar spikes at the beginning of your eating period won't have much negative impact. MunchEase helps avoid a surge in insulin and reduces fat cell production.*

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