MunchEase is a daily supplement clinically shown to reduce appetite and speed fat loss by fixing leptin resistance, the most common cause of overeating.

Our patented ingredient, LeptAid™, is a unique natural complex rich in high-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid (HA) and collagen (as well as other GAGs), which are naturally occurring, safe, and clinically tested.

The only other ingredients are citrus bioflavonoids. These are antioxidants derived from citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits that speed up nutrient absorption, helping MunchEase work faster and more effectively.

No, our exclusive blend of GAGs outperformed other formulas in clinical trials. Simply taking hyaluronic acid and collagen supplements will not provide similar results; LeptAid™ is a specific blend that is uniquely effective at targeting fat cells to combat leptin resistance and decrease appetite.

MunchEase contains only safe, proven ingredients from natural sources. It is produced in a clean, cGMP certified facility, and contains no stimulants or harmful ingredients.

Extensive clinical testing on our key ingredient, LeptAid™, proved it to be safe and without any adverse side effects.

Excess body fat leads to the overproduction of leptin, the hormone that signals the brain to stop eating. Too much leptin leads to leptin resistance, a common condition where the brain is less able to receive the message that the stomach is full.

MunchEase targets fat cells to reduce their leptin production. This lowers free leptin levels, reversing leptin resistance. When the body becomes more sensitive to leptin, it can feel more full from less food.

Leptin is “the fullness hormone.” Produced in fat cells, leptin triggers the vagus nerve, delivering to the brain the message that the stomach is full.

Leptin resistance is a problem most people have but don’t know about. It causes an inability to feel full that often leads to overeating and weight gain.

Overeating and weight gain leads to more fat cells produced and stored. More fat cells means more leptin production. Too much leptin production leads to leptin resistance, which causes overeating and weight gain and continues the vicious cycle.

Other factors can increase leptin resistance as well, such as stress, lack of sleep, alcohol, or cannabis use. That’s why those behaviors are often associated with overeating.

After thorough clinical testing of our ingredients, no adverse side effects were reported in any of the participants.

If you are concerned about interactions with a specific medication you are on, please consult your healthcare practitioner before beginning MunchEase.

It does! When taken daily, MunchEase normalizes leptin levels to help you feel full from less food with no added effort. Consuming fewer daily calories has been shown to lead to weight loss, and specifically increased fat loss.

We hope you like leftovers!

Yes there is! Multiple studies have been completed, on mice as well as humans, proving the safety and effectiveness of LeptAid.

Results showed decreased leptin levels, lower food intake, decreased insulin levels, and an increase in fat loss over a period of 3 months.

MunchEase works best for…

Humans: Are you human? If so, MunchEase will probably be effective for you.

Overweight people: 90% of Americans have at least 20% body fat, the ratio at which leptin resistance often begins to become a problem. Anyone with at least 20% body fat will experience the strongest results from MunchEase, but it should work for just about anyone.

Overstressed people: Stress eating is very real. We can’t relieve your stress, but we can reduce your urge to eat when you’re stressed.

Insomniacs (not enough sleep): People who stay up later eat over 200 extra calories a day on average. Reduce your late night, tired hunger with MunchEase.

Drinkers (take the pills in the morning, not with alcohol in the evening): Everyone knows that feeling at the end of the night where it feels like you’ll die if you don’t eat something. MunchEase will help you feel full from half as much drunk pizza.

Cannabis users: The munchies. We all know how quickly they can ruin a good eating day. It’s not just the urge to eat, but the inability to stop. Eat more normal portions when using cannabis by taking MunchEase daily.

Munchease is a unique new formula based on the latest science. Leptin is a relatively new discovery; we’ve known about it for less than 25 years. The ability to control leptin levels has been sought for almost as long.

Until now, there has been nothing that safely and effectively reduced leptin levels to regulate appetite and reverse the cycle of overeating and weight gain. MunchEase is a revolutionary step toward solving America’s overeating crisis.

MunchEase works best when taken daily. We recommend taking it in the morning, before your first meal of the day. That way you don’t forget, and can experience the effects of munchease all day long. Plus, MunchEase is water-soluble, meaning it will dissolve faster and be more effective on an empty stomach.

(if you forget to take it in the morning, that’s okay, take it when you remember. The most important thing is taking a dose every 24 hours to keep your leptin levels balanced)

As long as you want! We’re friendly to your body, so there’s no reason to cycle on and off. A month, a year… it’s safe to take for however long it you need in order to reach your personal goals.

And even then, you may not want to stop!

Not too much. You may realize you eat more than when you were on MunchEase, but you’ll feel normal. Usually a skipped day isn’t a huge deal, but more than that and you’ll feel a definite increase in your appetite back to where it was before you were taking MunchEase.

Results may vary.

MunchEase should begin having some effect an hour after taking your first dose; it depends on the individual’s speed of digestion and resistence to leptin.

Many people have reported feeling a difference on the first day, but the results are strongest when you take MunchEase multiple days in a row. We have found it to be most effective when taken for at least 3 consecutive days.

The modern American diet consists of unhealthily large portions that encourage overeating, especially if you consider yourself a member of the “clean plate club.” (it's so hard to resist food once it’s in front of you when you don’t take MunchEase)

Studies show reduced calorie diets are correlated with longer lifespans. Plus, eating smaller meals and fewer calories is a proven way to burn excess fat, even without changing activity levels. That means MunchEase can help you live a longer and healthier life.

Nope! MunchEase still helps you eat less, no matter what foods you eat. However, if you want to speed up your results, MunchEase can be used in tandem with a more nutritious, balanced diet for accelerated weight loss.

For best and quickest results, combine MunchEase with a nutritious eating & exercise plan.

Exercise is not necessary for MunchEase to work. You don’t need to change anything about your lifestyle; just take 2 pills a day and MunchEase does the rest.

However, exercise does help combat leptin resistance while also burning fat to help you reach your goals faster.

For best results, combine MunchEase with increased activity & make good food choices; you won’t believe how quickly the weight melts off.

Yes, MunchEase reduces the uncomfortable feeling of hunger that can be experienced during the hours you don’t eat. It also reduces cravings, so you won’t have an overpowering urge to eat something sugary, salty, or otherwise unhealthy when it’s finally time to eat again.

Studies have shown that the hungrier a person is, the more they crave sugary, salty, oily, calorie-dense foods to stockpile high-yield energy sources that will stop the body from entering into starvation mode.

Therefore, when MunchEase makes you less hungry, it also reduces these cravings for unhealthy high calorie foods that can sabotage your diet.

MunchEase shouldn’t interfere with any other supplements. If you are concerned about interactions with a specific medication you are on, please consult your healthcare practitioner before beginning MunchEase.

MunchEase is not vegetarian or vegan.

The collagen and hyaluronic acid are humanely derived from an animal source.

Currently MunchEase is only shipping to the US and Canada.

We always offer free shipping to our customers in the US, but we do charge a small fee for international shipping to Canada.

Nope! That's the manufacturing date, MunchEase stays good for over 3 years after the manufacturing date.

No. We do not recommend you take more than the directed daily dose.