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MunchEase decreases the formation of new fat cells & regulates your hunger hormones (Leptin & CCK) to help you feel full & satisfied when you’ve eaten enough.*

make dieting easy

most people are leptin resistant (and don’t even realize it).

created in fat cells, leptin is in charge of sending the signal to your brain that your stomach is full, so you know it’s time to stop eating.

if you’re resistant to leptin, your brain can’t get the message that you’re full, which can lead to overeating.

fat and leptin resistance

since leptin is produced by fat cells, having more fat cells leads to more leptin production. that means people are more likely to be leptin resistant the more overweight they are.

this creates a cycle of overeating that is tough to break out of: overeating leads to fat gain, which increases leptin resistance, making it even harder to stop eating than before.

stress, lack of sleep, and use of cannabis or alcohol can also lead to leptin resitance. that’s why those behaviors are typically associated with excessive overeating.

reduce leptin levels, reverse leptin resistance

our key ingredient LeptAid™ targets your fat cells to naturally regulate your leptin levels, helping you feel full when you should. 

when there’s less of it circulating, leptin can begin to function properly again. the body will feel hungry when it needs to eat, stop eating when the stomach is full, and stay satisfied between meals, with no extra effort.

is easy

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LeptAid™ clincal studies

  • In Vitro Studies show our active ingredient LeptAid™ inhibits the intracellular accumulation of fats.
  • Animal Studies show higher and faster fat loss, lower leptin levels and increased insulin sensitivity.
  • Human Studies show reduction of Leptin release by fatty tissue and that LeptAid™ is safe and effective for the treatment of patients with obesity.

LeptAid™ In Vitro Study





Intracellular accumulation of lipids over 8 days

In Vitro studies show that LeptAid’s unique, proprietary formulation of GAGs makes a visible difference in the arrangement of lipids and inhibits intracellular accumulation of lipids (prevents and reverses the buildup of fat molecules inside your body’s cells) compared to no treatment, or treatment with other competing GAG formulations. These results indicate that LeptAid™ counters the formation and accumulation of fatty tissue.

Normal mice induced to obesity while being treated orally with Leptaid™ showed lower food intake, lower weight gain, greater sensitivity to insulin and lower circulating triacylglycerol levels compared to a control group. Obese mice treated orally with LeptAid™ showed higher and faster weight loss, higher and faster fat loss, greater sensitivity to insulin & lower serum leptin levels compared to a control group.

LeptAid™ significantly reduces the levels of leptin present in serum and in synovial fluid, measured by immunoassays after 3 months of treatment.

CLINICAL CENTER: Bone and Joint Center and Dept.
of Orthopaedic Surgery Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, MI