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MunchEase is the only daily supplement that makes fat loss and appetite control easy, effortless, and safe.*

how does it work?

MunchEase helps you feel full quicker & stay satisfied longer after eating.

our customers have reported eating an average of 2/3 their usual daily calories without changing their diet or exercise habits.

our key ingredient LeptAid™ significantly reduces the number of new fat cells & regulates the appetite hormones Leptin & CCK.

LeptAid™ has also been shown in clinical tests to lower food intake, triglycerides, HDL & LDL cholesterol, decrease body fat, and increase insulin sensitivity.*

what is leptin?

created in fat cells, leptin is in charge of sending the signal to your brain that your stomach is full. It's the body's way of telling the brain, “time to stop eating!”

what is leptin resistance?

leptin resistance is a hormonal imbalance that affects your appetite and ability to feel full when you've eaten enough.

when there is too much leptin circulating, the signal becomes less effective; this is called leptin resistance. if you’re resistant to leptin, your brain can’t get the message that you’re full, which can lead to overeating.

since leptin is produced by fat cells, more fat cells leads to more leptin production. that means people are more likely to be leptin resistant the more overweight they are.

higher leptin levels have been found to be directly correlated with obesity and diabetes risk.

what leads to leptin resistance?

the human body is incredible at adapting to new normals, but when the new normal throws off metabolic homeostasis, we get trapped in cycles of worsening hunger, overeating, and fat accumulation.

in other words, overeating leads to fat gain, which increases leptin resistance, making it harder to stop eating.

overindulgent portions, stress, lack of sleep, modern diets filled with ultra-processed food, and use of cannabis or alcohol can also lead to leptin resistance.

because these things are so common, most people are leptin resistant and don’t even realize.

reduce leptin levels,
treat leptin resistance

our key ingredient LeptAid™ reduces the creation of new fat cells to naturally regulate your leptin levels, helping you feel full when you should.

with fewer total fat cells, less leptin is put into circulation. when there’s less of it circulating, leptin can begin to function properly again. the body will feel hungry when it needs to eat, stop eating when the stomach is full, and stay satisfied between meals, with no extra effort.*

the CCK connection

Cholecystokinin (CCK) is a peptide hormone responsible for feelings of satiety. It is secreted in the duodenum, the first segment of the small intestine.

it acts to stimulate the Vagus Nerve, the pathway along which leptin travels, allowing leptin to work even better and counteracting the effects of ghrelin, the hunger hormone which inhibits the Vagus Nerve and makes you feel hungry.

CCK is also responsible for slowing the rate of digestion, another reason that more CCK leads to prolonged satiety.

CCK stimulates the digestion of fat, and often increases in concentration in individuals whose diets are high in fat. This is one of the reasons why high-fat meals are found to be more filling.

LeptAid™ increases CCK levels up to 50%*

in a clinical study on mice on a normal-fat diet, LeptAid™ was shown to increase circulating CCK by an average of 50% compared to the control group.

that means it helps keep you feeling full for more time between meals by simulating your body's natural response to a high-fat diet through increased CCK production, which stimulates the Vagus Nerve and decreases the rate of gastric emptying.*

no new fat cells*

our key ingredient LeptAid™ is an anti-adipogenic. That means it reduces the “intracellular accumulation of lipids” which is the deposit of fat into other cells in your body.*

LeptAid™ In Vitro Study





Intracellular accumulation of lipids over 8 days

the small white circles visible in the first 3 images are globules of fat deposited into otherwise healthy non-fat cells as viewed through a microscope. the collection of fats inside of cells is clearly diminished in the cells treated with LeptAid as compared to those treated with competing GAG formulations or none at all, with the healthy cells arranged more tightly together, no unwanted and unnecessary fat storage getting in the way.*

LeptAid™ clincal studies

lower leptin levels

lower body weight

greater insulin sensitivity

lower blood cholesterol

  • Human Studies show lower body weight, reduction of leptin release by fatty tissue / lower circulating leptin levels, lower HDL and especially LDL cholesterol, and lower triglyceride levels compared to a control group.
  • Animal Studies show higher and faster fat loss (and overall weight loss), greater sensitivity to insulin, lower fat weight, lower serum leptin levels, and lower food intake compared to a control group.
  • In Vitro Studies show our active ingredient LeptAid™ inhibits the intracellular accumulation of lipids.

CLINICAL CENTER: Bone and Joint Center and Dept. of Orthopaedic Surgery Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, MI

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